Download Lucky Patcher V8.5.7 APK Free latest Download

Download Lucky Patcher V8.5.7 APK Free

What is lucky patcher ?

Lucky Patcher is an Android application that is one of the most well known established applications. The application can fix numerous applications and games, it can square application advertisements, it can evacuate undesirable framework applications, it can expel undesirable authorizations from the application, it can make reinforcement duplicates of the applications introduced on your SD card. Truth be told, Lucky Patcher is an across the board fix instrument for Android .

With Lucky Patcher you can control the applications introduced on your gadget. To assume this responsibility for applications, you need an attached Android to get every one of the highlights of the application. Despite the fact that the application can do numerous assignments without root get to. Lucky Patcher can be downloaded for nothing, yet we prescribe that you download it just from confirmed locales, the same number of destinations shared a phony one.

“ChelpuS” propelled another new form of the mainstream Lucky Patcher application for Android. The most recent Lucky Patcher application is increasingly useful and a lot more fixes have been added to the application. Lucky Patcher can now modify many more Android applications and games.

Lucky Patcher Features:

  • Lucky Patcher look through all applications at startup and demonstrates the applications that can be fixed. When you start the application, you will see every one of the applications and games introduced on your gadget. You would then be able to choose the application you need to fix. The application likewise demonstrates which one has promotions and which one has a custom fix.
  • Lucky Patcher can dispense with the buy confirmation of the application for some Android applications and games. On the off chance that you need to utilize paid applications for nothing, this element will help you a ton. The application can without much of a stretch maintain a strategic distance from permit check.
  • Lucky Patcher can adjust numerous prevalent games for Android. Open numerous highlights of the games. Many game designers are ravenous today. They requested a lot of cash to get pearls. With this application you can alter numerous games and get boundless pearls or coins for nothing.
  • Lucky Patcher is an across the board application that can square exhausting promotions for Android applications and free games. Advertisements in Android applications or free games don’t care for everybody. With this application you can square advertisements from a large portion of the application effectively.
  • You can make reinforcement duplicates of fixed applications and games. In the wake of fixing any application or game, you can make a full reinforcement of the fixed application.
  • Reinforcement of any Android application and game on your SD card. You can make a reinforcement duplicate of your applications or games introduced in memory for later use.
  • Lucky Patcher can likewise evacuate undesirable application consents effectively. A portion of the applications and games mentioned numerous suspicious consents for the applications. These kinds of licenses can be hurtful to you. With that application you can evacuate any undesirable application consent.
  • Lucky Patcher demonstrates an alternate shading accent to comprehend the status of uses.
  • Custom fix choices are accessible. A custom fix can be utilized to change numerous applications and games.
  • A portion of the highlights needn’t bother with root get to. Lucky patcher can do a portion of the errands without root, yet you should root your Android in the event that you need to appreciate every one of the highlights of the application.

What’s going on in Lucky Patcher:

  • Fix the intermediary server for Google Play (for the most recent GP rendition);
  • More data about apk to introduce included;
  • Adjusted Google Play 16.5.15 fixed (you have to reinstall);
  • Refreshed interpretations.

Extra application data:

  • Application Version: 8.5.7
  • Record size: 7.25 MB.
  • Application Developer: ChelpuS
  • Prerequisites: Android 2.0 and higher.
  • Permit: Free.
  • Normal rating: 5


You need to complete with your Android gadget to get every one of the highlights. This application is perfect with some illicit devices. We are not liable for a maltreatment of uses or lawless acts.

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